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From Europe to Far East


Transport companies can count on an innovative solution for goods transportation on the East-West corridor: an integrated intermodal network which supplies regular services with dedicated trains connecting the main terminals of the Eurasian continent. Via the Gadki hub, close to Warszawa, Hupac offers numerous destinations in the emerging markets of Russia and Central Asia.


Together with its partners Hupac delivers containers from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic shores – further, quicker and safer than with traditional transport solutions.

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Renzo Capanni
Director Shuttle Net Southeast Europe

Hupac Intermodal SA, Baden
Tel. +41 58 8558080


Silvio Ferrari
Director Shuttle Net Northeast Europe

Hupac Intermodal SA, Chiasso
Tel. +41 58 8558040


Andrey Munkin

General Director

Intermodal Express LLC, Moscow

Tel. +7 495 9511658