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Transport policy

Level playing field for rail and road


Hupac supports the principle of appropriate use of modes of transport: the railway is suitable for long distances and large volumes, while the road is advantageous for short distances and smaller volumes because it is more flexible. Consignments that are particularly time-critical are often better sent by road, whereas freight with high safety requirements is best carried by rail.


But apart from these systemic differences, an abundance of regulations affect the relationship between the two transport systems. They compensate for existing infrastructural differences, offset external costs or express a political will to act in the interest of the public.


For Hupac, the principle of equal opportunities is the key issue: there should be a level playing field for the road and railway.


Positions of Hupac

  • Retain the present dimensions and weights of road vehicles to ensure their compatibility with combined transport rail wagons
  • Retain the restrictions on night-time and weekend road haulage as well as the exemptions for combined transport
  • No distortion of competition between road and rail by admitting giga-liners
  • Regular review of the external costs of the different modes of transport and the internalization measures (e.g. Eurovignette)
  • Adequate support for transalpine combined transport until an efficient combined transport corridor via Gotthard opens up (750 m trains, P400 profile)
  • Use scarce rail capacities efficiently: concentrated expansion of efficient unaccompanied combined transport, Rola to be offered as an additional alternative
  • Alpine Crossing Exchange: risks outweigh opportunities due to a lengthy negotiation process with the EU.



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