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Ten good reasons

10 good reasons to invest in combined transport

1An intelligent concept
Combined transport makes optimum use of the advantages of road and rail: long distances by rail, smaller scale distribution by road.
2The right mix
Diversifying transport carrier reduces risks. The railways earn a place in every logistics concept.
3Keeping a grip on fixed costs
In combined transport, the transporter only drives short distances to and from the terminal. The consequence is lower purchase and operating costs for trucks as well as flexible staff costs
In the coming years goods transport will continue to grow. Strategists are securing capacity now for the future.

Green logistics
On average, combined transport saves 75% CO2 compared to pure road transport – an important argument for customers

6Save energy
Energy will get scarcer and more expensive in the future. Combined transport has a much more favourable energy profile than pure road freight transport
7Secure mobility
Combined transport relieves the roads – private cars and road freight will be grateful.
8Greater safety
The accident risk of rail traffic is up to 100 times lower than on the roads.
9Loading under control
Tight controls protect the rail system. Theft and damage occur significantly less often than on the roads.
10Good for hazardous goods
Combined transport offers the greatest safety for the transport of hazardous goods.


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